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Bead Earrings

Super long shiny beaded earrings, Silver-Grey. Cocktail Earrings.

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Super long and sparkly, these bead earrings look so expensive when you wear them and have a special an elegant and unique shape and style that is made for bold beauty. The reflective quality of the silvered glass makes them appear lighter or darker depending on the outfit and lighting. On a hypoallergenic stainless steel french hook ear wire the hand woven elongated tube beads form a naturally flowing triangle finished with tassel like strands of beads hanging freely to give a fluid look that makes the earrings seem to have a life-force that shines when you move. Perfect compliment to a formal outfit or cocktail dress, but also great with jeans or shorts!

Color: Silver grey, graphite.
Measures: 4.25 inches long x 1 inch wide.
Size: fits normal pierced ears.
Materials: Silvered Glass and stainless steel.

Other colors and styles such as those in the last photo are available in our bead earrings assortment.

Super Long Shimmering angular beaded earrings

SKU# be-ss-longbead-grey-hook

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