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Bead Earrings

Long black earrings, woven glass bead. Cocktail Earrings.

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Extra long shinny black cocktail earrings on a hypoallergenic stainless steel french hook ear wire, the hand woven elongated tube beads form a naturally flowing shining black color triangle finished with tassel strands of beads finished with a small loop and hanging long to the shoulder.

These black glass bead glass earrings, perfect worn with swimwear, a cocktail dress or dress for a formal event or any outfit will enhance the look and give a feel of expensiveness for a very small price. This pair of extra long bead earrings are about 4 inches long and will brush the shoulder on most women.

Super feminine long black earrings offer a style accent that is best called bold and sexy. The seductive feel of this pair is both indispensable and okay to lend out or forget at a friends house. The shape and reflective quality of glass makes them match any color outfit and appear lighter or darker depending on the outfit and lighting.

Color: Shiny true black.
Measures: 4.25 inches long x 1 inch wide.
Size: fits normal pierced ears.
Materials: Glass and stainless steel.

Other colors and styles such as those in the last photo are available in our bead earrings assortment.

Super Long Shimmering angular beaded earrings

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