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Golden and Black Lava knotted tassel grounding bracelet, adjustable.

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Golden strung lava bracelet, hand tied lava stone beads on golden silken cord in the colors of the volcano and sunlight. The islands of Hawaii are some of the youngest islands on our planet, born of volcanic activity. Every day we live with the power of the volcano surrounding us, offering us the very land we walk upon. The small black beads in this wrist peice measure about 4 millimeters wide.

These grounding stones are are primal, as small volcanic rock beads which are smoothed as though rolled through the ocean water and sands through tides and time, for a comfortable feel. This cooled magma is a natural mineral stone with a grounding and soothing feel that shows stability and strength through time and changes as a connection to Mother Earth with that guidance and courage when we need it, the very heart of the earth beneath our feet where we stand and live every day. The stone dispels fear and allows us to let go of ties to the past that hold us back or restrain us from our goals by the power of fire and transformation that they have already endured.

When all of this is released, we can be assertive and confident with less effort and more focus and flow.

Magma from the depths of out planet slowly cools and creates this strong and dark black stone with the unique character of texture found only in lava rock. Being a metamorphic or igneous rock means having the capacity to endure change to such a power that it changes its own form through time, being an incredible symbol of strength and adaptability to change.

Know that this unique stone has been many forms over millennia, and has come to you through millions of years of change on our planet. These stones come from the depths of our earth and have a sense of purity and balance in the simplicity of ever growing newness born of the ancient through fire and change.

Black Lava bracelet

This smooth knotted hand-strung and tied row of round black lava beads as an adjustable bracelet, in the hues of the volcano is a grounding and balancing peice, a synergy of soul soothing power connecting you to the magnetism of our pure natural state in this always evolving world.

The use of grounding volcanic stone to allow us to empower ourselves through change, combined with the golden glow of the sun lighting our way as a symbol of birth and newness, represent the elements of our greater existence and place in this universe, our planet.

The deep hue of volcano lava lit by golden shimmers and black undertones of this bracelet can be dressed up or used for casual everyday. There is an elegance to the color combination that holds timelessness. Great gift for partners, coworkers, friends and family, get the set and gift it one by one over 3 holidays or offer it all together. These are so comfortable you forget you are wearing it.

This bracelet can be bought alone, or included stacked in this set of three Earth in Sky, Stack Bracelet set, < here.

Color: Black, gold.

Size: one size fits all.

Beads measure about 3/16th of an inch or 4 millimeters wide.

SKU# bb-golden-lava-tassel

Materials: natural volcanic lava and woven silken poly nylon.

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