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Blue jewelry

Blue Crystal and Cowrie Shell bracelet, adjustable.

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A glistening strand of blue crystals accented with detailed golden beads to highlight the beautiful natural shell center, the colors and shapes balance each other and soothe our self, much as the golden light of our sun of pristine water, in mineral shades like sacred spring. This cowrie shell and ocean blue crystal bracelet is a beautiful and delicate looking peice of jewelry, regardless of all else.

Shell Bracelet

The shell has been carefully cut flat on the back side, both to reveal the mysterious inside formations as well as to allow it to fit flat and smooth on the wrist, showcasing the attractive and feminine natural shape of the mouth of the shell.
Commonly called either Cowry, Cowrie, Whiteshells or Miigis, these shells were once a traditional currency, used as money much like a coin. It was important for trade among islanders, and still in modern times has a feeling of strength and value. The Native people of North America historically traded these shells as well, and they had been used and traded for so long that there traditional stories in scroll tell us they were fount in the earth itself and washed up on the edges of rivers or lakes, having been lost to be found again.

The Sparkling milky blue, lit by golden shimmers and surrounding the natural white shell in the center of this bracelet can be dressed up or used for casual everyday. There is an elegance to the delicate and strong color combination that holds peace and beauty. Great gift for partners, coworkers, friends and family. These are so comfortable you forget you are wearing it.

This bracelet can be bought alone, or included stacked in this set of three Earth in Sky, Stack Bracelet set, < here. Get the set and gift it one by one over 3 holidays or offer it all together.

Color: Blue, white, gold.

Size: one size fits all.

Beads measure about 3/16th of an inch or 4 millimeters wide.

These cowry shells have been a symbol of the goddess, fertility, abundance and good luck for many centuries in various cultures around our planet. The shell itself naturally has the shape of fertility. These shells have also been used through time as sort of calculator or abacus type learning tool as wells for games and trade.

SKU# bb-blue-crystal-cowrie-shell-tassel

Materials: Blue crystals, shell and woven silken poly nylon.

GARUDA and Kona Blue Jewelry :|: Handmade Island Jewelry

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