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Black Earrings

Black Flower Stud earrings.

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These sweet and cute black flower earrings tell tales of island secrets and and hidden delights. The flowers made in the black and deep brown hues of the genuine ebony wood are highlighted by a hand buffed finish, which is actually the wood itself, with no additional coating. Its 100% natural jewelry. We carefully sculpt this exotic black wood into a set of flower stud earrings that send signals of memories of memories waiting to be made.

Approximate Measurements: 3/4 inch by 3/4 inch each

Materials: sterling silver and ebony

Color: black

Black flower earrings

The black flower is a symbol of clarity, seldom seen and sought after, its rich fragrance and rare color with the delicate form of a blossom has the uniqueness night. Our black Flower earrings are skillfully carved and set on Small silver studs. These black earrings are an excellent gift and looks good on. The color contract ads a feel of intrigue and delight.

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Handmade Island Jewelry

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