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Our Wood Jewelry and Earrings are handcrafted from exotic wood and come in a variety of natural colors and unique styles carved by hand. 100s of styles of wood jewelry, earrings, pendants and a selection of wood body jewelry, skillfully made in exotic, natural wood. Kona Blue Jewelry supports nature and culture. Improving life : Sharing beauty...

Natural, rich, wooden jewelry, beautifully designed and carefully created with the finest natural, tropical and exotic wood by hand. Handcrafted, our wood jewelry and earrings can be worn everywhere, everyday.

The patience of the tree's growth signals our relationship with our universe and our future, as well as those who have come before us to relay wisdom through time. Carving wooden earrings and jewelry requires the patience of the tree because it cannot be rushed, but the creation of the Wooden Earrings and jewelry requires the silence and skill of timelessness in order to create a beautiful and meaningful handmade piece of wooden jewelry.

Our Wooden Jewelry is carefully carved in exotic, sustainably harvested wood in bold, unique and beautiful designs. Please enjoy looking though our selection of wood hoop earrings, wood necklaces, faux gauges and earrings. Our wooden hoop earrings are classic, come in tribal and spiral styles as well as bold and modern looks. The variety of wood faux gauges is so unique, and made with care and great detail.

Nothing compares to the sensation of wearing our jewelry. Bringing the soothing power of nature with you everywhere you go provides a unique perspective on life. Skilled carvers bring the delicately carved figures to life, with an instinct for creating beauty and adorning us with awe-inspiring and high-quality jewelry. We adore every piece and receive so many praises when we wear it, so we're thrilled to be able to share it with you.

Natural carved wood earrings and jewelry in richly colored tones ranging from mahogany and ebony, ivory, deep chocolate, grey, midnight green, to purplish-red-brown are finely carved and polished by hand. Our earrings are smooth and polished, but unfinished and natural, making them ideal for sensitive ears.

This beautiful and detailed wooden jewelry is handcrafted and carved. For over a decade, we at Kona Blue Jewelry have collaborated with traditional artists to handcraft jewelry out of natural wood and other exotic materials.

We begin with careful wood selection, then design and carve each piece of jewelry by hand, one at a time, before sanding, smoothing, and polishing with buffing and oiling. Our Natural jewelry is skillfully carved in natural materials by traditional people to support nature and culture.

Wooden Jewelry Made by Hand
Be Proud of Your Purchase! You are supporting traditional crafts and the families that make them by purchasing our Wooden Jewelry. Our jewelry is all handcrafted from real wood, one piece at a time. Western Bohemian seeks to deliver high-quality, one-of-a-kind, natural Earth-friendly products that please the soul... Your purchase supports traditional crafts and families, as well as being a choice to buy an environmentally friendly product. Our wood adornments are handcrafted by traditional people from natural materials that have been responsibly obtained, increasing the quality of life and giving occupations that exhibit talents and skills while also sustaining nature, craft, and culture.

Our artisans collaborate closely with us to make our jewelry and earrings. Wood hoop earrings, wood gauges, wood body jewelry, and wooden earrings are just a few of the items available. Wood earrings, like all of our jewelry, are handcrafted in a wide range of shapes and materials, from hoop earrings to tribal and spiral designs, as well as classic styles.

Our Wooden Jewelry is meticulously carved in bold, one-of-a-kind, and beautiful designs from exotic, sustainably harvested wood. Please browse our collection of wood hoop earrings, wood necklaces, faux gauges, and earrings. Our wooden hoop earrings are timeless and come in tribal, spiral, and bold and modern designs. The variety of wood fake gauges is so unique, and each one is handcrafted with care and attention to detail.

Making wooden jewelry is a unique skill. The wood itself is the most beautiful part of the jewelry, and we start by selecting the best-looking wood with good color and shine, as well as the best-looking color variations and striping that will look great for each design and style of wood jewelry and earrings after the carving and polishing process is finished. Because trees develop at such a rapid rate, each one is unique. Depending on the tree's life story, the grain of the wood changes. When a young tree is bent, it can form dazzling swirls and chatoyancy in the wood, which can result in burls and spirals in the wood. This type of wood is extremely rare and is our preferred material for our wooden jewelry and wood earrings. To find the perfect piece of wood for our jewelry, we find a raw log, split it centrally, and smooth it to check the shine and color of the wood. If the colors and shine of the wood are what we are looking for, and the wood is strong and beautiful with a unique character, we carefully slice it into half inch thick slabs and machine it into smooth sections that are ready to draw our designs on for the first stage of carving and creating the finished wooden earrings or jewelry creation for you. From beginning to end, starting with selecting and curing the wood, the process of manufacturing a single pair of earrings or item of jewelry takes roughly 6 months. It takes a long time to properly dry the wood so that it can be carved into long-lasting jewelry. It must be dried carefully out of the sun to avoid cracks, but it must also be kept away from rain and dampness to prevent the wood from growing anything that would ruin the completed earrings or jewelry. We never choose wood with cracks since we want our jewelry to last a long time and be of good quality.

Now that we have our gorgeous material, we can start allowing the craftsman to reveal the brilliant piece of jewelry hidden in the wood we've chosen. We then take each board and carefully sketch the design, noting the thickness of the finished pieces, before beginning the process of making blanks that will be transformed into earrings, necklaces, or other types of jewelry with care. Because earrings must match perfectly, there are many more steps involved in creating a perfect set of earrings than there are in creating a simple pendant or necklace. We mirror the split wood for earrings so that the grain and pattern match perfectly, and we must keep them together so they don't get mixed up. Even though we have been waiting months for the wood to be ready, the process of producing the earrings appears to have just began at this moment. This is where we can express our creativity in jewelry design and creation. When we obtain an exciting, colorful, or gleaming piece, we sometimes save it for specific sorts of tribal jewelry, knowing that some patterns bring out the natural character of the wood in a set of wooden earrings, imitation gauges, or a special carved necklace. We try to keep our favorite beautiful natural materials, such as hoop earrings and pieces carved with spirals and simple flat areas polished to a high shine, because the shine of the wood comes out more on hoop earrings and in pieces carved with spirals and simple flat areas polished to a high shine.

To create our natural wood jewelry, beautifully natural colored wood in tones ranging from eggshell, deep chocolate, grey, dark green, purplish red, and brown is finely carved and polished by hand.

Feel Good About Your Purchase!
By purchasing our handmade jewelry you are supporting traditional crafts, and the families that make them. All of our jewelry is hand carved, one piece at a time. We strive to provide quality, unique, hand-crafted Earth-friendly products to satisfy the soul and beyond...
Your purchase supports traditional crafts and families and is a choice to purchase a product produced in an environmentally responsible way.
Our Wood Earrings are hand-crafted by traditional people of natural materials, responsibly harvested and supporting nature, craft and culture, improving the quality of life and providing jobs that showcase talents and skills. We work closely with our artists to create our original wood jewelry.

Our Wood is meticulously carved in bold, one-of-a-kind works of wearable art from exotic, sustainably harvested wood. Please browse our collection of wood hoop earrings, wood necklaces, faux gauges, and earrings. Our wooden hoop earrings are timeless and come in tribal, spiral, and bold and modern designs. The variety of wood faux gauges is one-of-a-kind and meticulously crafted. Exotic, natural wood is expertly crafted into jewelry. Hundreds of styles of wood jewelry, earrings, pendants, and a variety of wood body jewelry are available. Kona Blue and GARUDA supporters of both nature and culture. Sharing beauty is a great way to improve your life.

Sources of wood and methods of harvesting:

Sonokeling and Sonokembang are the two varieties.

HARVESTING PRACTICE: The source we use sells rosewood that has been grown on a plantation, although it can also be harvested wild under government supervision. Before being taken down, trees must have a minimum diameter of 30 cm and are replanted in a natural harvest environment.
DESCRIPTION OF ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The colors of this tropical wood range from a deep purplish to a reddish brown with golden brown highlights.

Plantation Grown Waru is available from the source we utilize. After being cut down, the trees re-sprout freely.

Diospyros Celebica is the Latin name for it.
Indonesia is the place where it all started.
RECYCLED, OTHER DETAILS The wood of ebony is under jeopardy! Our ebony wood is all repurposed, with a lot of it coming from altars, carvings, and old furniture fragments.

Zanthoxylum Rhetsa is its Latin name.
HARVESTING PRACTICE: Cultivated in plantations or wild gardens. The Wild Garden is a communal garden that is used by several households in the area.
DESCRIPTION OF ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Crocodile wood has a creamy tint and a silky feel, earning it the nickname "ivory of woods."

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The natural fleshy tone of this wood ranges from a light skin tone to a red peach color.
We got this from: Our wood comes from a wild garden on the property of one of our Master Carvers' family. They had trees growing there by happenstance, and they chop it down for us and to support the family.

NAME IN LATIN: Cocos Nucifera
HARVESTING PRACTICE: The coconut shell is a byproduct of coconut oil and food production. The wood is plantation grown and grown in the village's wild farms.
OTHER SPECIFICATIONS: Recycled. Coconut is a staple food that grows abundantly. The shell is also used in the production of art, jewelry, and cookware.


The fine wooden earrings and wood jewelry are natural and should be handled with care.

cleaning: Use a soft cloth to clean the wooden jewelry after each use, or every few days if you wear it all the time. It can also be cleaned with mild soap and water on occasion, but not too frequently.
Allow to dry completely.
Lightly oil the piece with jojoba oil or another natural oil designed for wood or organic jewelry.
Please do not leave it for an extended period of time in your car, on sunny windows, or in any other hot or sunny location, or in a place where it will be wet.


Keep your wooden jewelry dry and fresh by storing it in a cool, dry place. (For example, your jewelry chest or dresser.)
Do not keep it in your car, in sunny windows, or in other hot or sunny settings, or in places where it will become wet or stay damp or moist for an extended period of time. If your wooden jewelry appears to be in need of polishing, do it first with a soft cloth, then if necessary, oil it, however, don't overdo the oiling or the sheen will fade and the color of the wooden jewelry will darken.

The carved wood jewelry should be conditioned and oiled as suggested at the start of this page. This will help to preserve the color and integrity of the material, as well as slightly deepen the color. This may also occur over time as a result of your skin's natural oils absorbing into the material as it becomes a part of your daily life, but you should still take the time to clean and condition your wooden jewelry.

*As part of our commitment to environmental and social responsibility, We at Kona Blue Jewelry take great care to ensure a high quality of life, good health, and happiness.

Our Wood Jewelry are natural, unique and handmade by skilled artisans in a large variety of styles, colors and sizes. This jewelry is custom made to order. Prices listed are RETAIL and US $.

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