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Tribal Earrings

In exotic natural materials, our tribal earrings, faux gauges, body jewelry and hoop earrings in made in natural exotic wood, bone or horn in natural, deep browns, black & white with hoops and spirals in Mens, Womens and Unisex styles are unique and fun. Our faux gauge earrings and carved earrings make expressing your soulful spirit of freedom, beauty, and pride through jewelry and adornment a beautiful and entrancing method for allowing your true self to flourish and blossom.

Tribal Wood Earrings

Our assortment of wooden tribal earrings is the best quality available, with unique styles and the best craftsmanship and materials available. Created in tropical wood with beautiful colors in expressive forms. We find inspiration in creating accessories and jewelry from the essence of the natural world around us. Our collections of tribal wood earrings are crafted with the gifts of nature, enhanced by refined skills and the gratitude for your happiness with our jewelry. The process of creating this natural jewelry is long, and takes years to master, it is passed through generations from parent to father, but the designs are our own originals. Selecting the perfect piece of wood to begin with is not simple, and you should know that the prices we sacrifice this jewelry at are unbearably cheap. This is a labor of love, making finely crafted earrings for you all to enjoy. Please offer us a share and good review on social media so we can keep this skill alive and ensure that quality hand carved jewelry will be something that is available for years to come.

Fine Natural Earrings

We offer finely made wood tribal earrings: bold, ethnic inspired, detailed, organic, tribal and spiral earrings in exotic natural materials. Our inspiration for the endless array of styles comes from nature and the happiness of our customers. We take pride in your satisfaction and it inspires us to expand and offer more things you will love and cherish. We work with traditional artists in exotic lands to carve unique jewelry made in real wood, bone and horn.

Ear piercing and the wearing of earrings is a symbol of cultural pride and gratitude for oneself as well as the world around us. When we show our beauty and strength through accessories that reflect the ethnicity and tribes of the world, and the people who remember the wisdom that once filled the air through song, dance, music, rites, and indigenous wisdom passed down through stories and dance from generations past, we express our love for both ourselves and the peoples of the world. This collection of inspired jewelry will help you celebrate variety.

These tribal earrings, fake gauges, tribal body jewelry, and hoop earrings come in over 800 styles and are made from exotic natural materials. We collaborate with traditional artists from far lands to carve one-of-a-kind earrings made of genuine wood, bone, and horn. With our handmade earrings with a pin or post closure, you can express your soul and blossom. Feel your spirit, independence, beauty, and pride by adorning yourself with stunning jewelry and styled earrings created from natural bone, wood, and horn, allowing you to flourish with artfulness. Our earrings are fashionable and classic. The accessories we sell are custom-made in one-of-a-kind designs using genuine materials. We have the ideal present for you if you are looking for something unique and memorable. Long dangle and drop earrings, sophisticated hanging floral earrings, polished and smoothed spiral gauges, trendy fun motifs like tusk and talon patterns, hoop earrings, and hanging fake gauges are all part of our adorable and cherished jewelry collection.

Tribal Jewelry and Fake Gauges

We have worked with traditional artists for over a decade to create our stunning wooden tribal earrings and jewelry, which we are excited to share with you. We start with beautiful natural materials like exotic wood, buffalo horn, and bone, then design and handcraft each piece one at a time. The earrings have been polished to a fine, soft finish that you will love. Our white bone tribal earrings stand out due to their smooth feel and careful attention to detail. These earrings, tribal body jewelry, and tribal fake gauges will make you forget about your other jewelry or your ex. Each of these jewelry pieces is handcrafted in genuine wood, bone, and buffalo horn and is finished with attention to detail and style to create the perfect pair of earrings for any occasion.

Without the hassle of stretched piercings, our tribal earrings for men provide outstanding style. Our socially responsible and handcrafted earrings, body jewelry, and faux gauge earrings and jewelry are made from natural and organic wood, bone, horn, and coconut, and follow fair-trade principles to help create and preserve world happiness. enjoy...

These earrings carry winds of truth and strength, freedoms yet to be discovered, and deeply inspiring people and memories just waiting to be discovered.

The soul lives in beauty, and tribal beauty lives in you. Express your true nature with our jewelry and adornments that breathe the wind of change, carry the spirit of nature, and call the wisdom of the past through the shared spirit that we all call when we seek divinity and wisdom. Unify your self within your tribe and explore sharing the lush vibrations of freedom and strength when you wear this powerful jewelry.

Tribal style accessories

Handmade by skilled craftspeople, these detailed tribal earrings and jewelry are carved in organic and natural materials such as bone, wood and horn. We are inspired by a range of cultures globally to design and create, and have gratitude for the diversity of arts and cultures on our planet as a guide to keeping a peaceful earth dedicated to the knowledge and power of ancients through expression and adornment of self with accessories made to accent and enhance our self and world. We offer a large range of earrings, tribal body jewelry and fake gauges made of natural materials transformed by carving into unique handmade jewelry and earrings in natural and organic spiraling and carved motifs that can be worn every day.

Our hand-carved Tribal jewelry line guides fashion with a lush depth of life.

We support people, art, nature and culture with our skillfully handmade jewelry and earrings made of organic horn, wood & bone: Improving life.

Boho Tribal Style

Express your soul and blossom with our boho earrings, gauges and tribal jewelry handmade with a pin or post closure. These are super fun to wear and get lots of complements. Feel your spirit, freedom, beauty and pride with adornment in beautiful jewelry handmade and carved in natural bone, wood and horn, to allow your self to flourish with adornment.

Our earrings are stylish and classic. The selection of accessories we offer is custom made in unique designs in authentic materials. When you are looking for a great gift that is unique and memorable, we have the perfect thing. Our cute and elegant collection of tribal jewelry offers long dangle and drop earrings, chic hanging floral earrings, refined and smoothed spiral gauges, trendy fun motifs such as tusk and talon designs, hoop earrings and hanging fake gauges. We continue to procure a larger selection of offerings for you as often as we get a chance to create. Explore our collection of earrings and jewelry, from carving to bead work, handcrafted by artisans from around the world to discover a world of beautiful jewelry in subtle hues of nature.

Tribal Jewelry and Gauges

GARUDA has been working with traditional artists for over a decade to create our amazing earrings and jewelry to share with you. We start with beautiful natural materials, including a variety of exotic wood, buffalo horn and bone, then design and craft each piece by hand, one at a time. The earrings are polished to a fine, soft finish that looks amazing, and you will, too. The smooth feeling and careful attention to detail make our earrings unique. These earrings, tribal body jewelry and tribal fake gauges are something you will love wearing, and may make you forget about your other jewelry, or your ex.

Each of these pieces are made in genuine wood, bone and buffalo horn one piece at a time are finished with attention to detail and style for the perfect pair of earrings for every occasion. Our natural tribal earrings give you fantastic style without the work of stretched piercings. Handmade and carved from natural and organic wood, bone, horn and coconut, our earrings, tribal body jewelry and fake gauge earrings and jewelry are socially conscious and handmade, following fair-trade guidelines for helping create and sustain global happiness. enjoy...

These beautiful earrings bring winds of truth and strength, of freedoms yet to be explored, and of deeply inspiring people and memories waiting to be encountered.

Our Tribal Earrings are natural, unique and handmade by skilled artisans in a large variety of styles, colors and sizes. This jewelry is custom made to order. Our Earrings are sold as pairs. All carved post earrings for regular pierced ears come with an extra set of posts! Prices listed are RETAIL and US $. These Wood, bone or horn earrings for regular pierced ears are handmade in genuine materials.

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