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Spiral Jewelry

Hand-carved Spiral Jewelry in rich, beautiful natural and organic materials. We have have been working with traditional craftsmen in exotic lands for over a decade creating natural jewelry.

Spiral jewelry is a symbol of life that is ancient. Some of the first drawings and art ever made by humans to tell of the times, stories of evolution and seasons was the spiral, almost as though it were a map that held the key to the secrets of our universe. Trailing lengths of branching spirals forming jewelry that seems to unfold with life, these budding accessories are the perfect gift. Imagine an incised twirl evolving into a coil that you can wear as earrings handmade in stylized tribal and ethnic motifs, of give as a memorable gift that will always get compliments.

Spiral Earrings and jewelry.

Spiral motif jewelry is a great gift. We start with the careful selection of the materials and make each piece by hand, perfecting the smooth finish for perfect spiral earrings and jewelry.
The careful attention to detail make our organic spiral jewelry and earrings something you will enjoy wearing. The amazing craftsmanship and range of styles, natural materials, gauge sizes and designs make Western Bohemian and GARUDA organic jewelry the best. Our Spiral Jewelry is handcrafted by tribal artists in natural materials, whose tradition has been carving organic jewelry and art for hundreds of years. Fair-trade. Hand carved.

Organic : Exotic : Natural

Our Spiral Jewelry are natural, unique and handmade by skilled artisans in a large variety of styles, colors and sizes. This jewelry is custom made to order. Prices listed are RETAIL and US $.

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