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Small Gauge Earrings

Enjoy shopping our small gauge earrings, available in small gauge sizes 8g, 10g, 12g and 20g post earrings. Our 20 gauge post earrings fit in most normal pierced ears and have the look of gauged earrings.

This selection of small size gauges is custom made in our signature styles. We offer gauge earrings in spiral, square, flowers, waves, stars and a large range of nature inspired ornate styles. Cut by hand from only natural materials, we sculpt these unique earrings by hand.

Small Gauge Earring Sizes for stretched earlobes

Here's a useful size guide for stretched earlobes and small gauge earrings. First measure your earring post width or anything that fits in your piercing the way you like, then compare to this useful size guide to know exactly what size you need.

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Our Small Gauge Earrings are natural, unique and handmade by skilled artisans in a large variety of styles, colors and sizes. This jewelry is custom made to order. Our Earrings are sold as pairs. All carved post earrings for regular pierced ears come with an extra set of posts! Prices listed are RETAIL and US $. These Wood, bone or horn earrings for regular pierced ears are handmade in genuine materials.

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