Boho Jewelry

Boho Jewelry made in natural exotic wood, carved bone, and buffalo horn as well as bead cuff bracelets, earrings and boho body jewelry. Shop our line of boho earrings and body jewelry, handmade in natural wood, carved bone and horn, handcrafted in organic materials. Our earrings in tribal and lacy and trailing organic designs with strong motifs are eye-catching accents that will get compliments. Having fun wearings daring accessories is essential for feeling good. That is why we design them for you. It's a real treat to accessorize yourself with cute post earrings that hang in unusual angles and are hand engraved and smoothed to a fine finish!

Browse our collection of jewelry inspired by nature, handmade in unique wood and other natural materials. We have been creating natural jewelry for nearly twenty years. Inspired by our Earths beauty and our capacity to perceive the subtle joy of the natural world, and how it fills us with life and blissful journeys, we have created these stunning and unique natural jewelry pieces in our own pleasure for you.

Our range of boho jewelry made in organic materials by hand makes great gifts that are unique and get compliments. Our boho bracelets are sparkly and colorful and feel silky smooth. Please enjoy the collection of over 50 styles, and collect them all. Additionally, the tribal and lacy and trailing organic designs in strong motifs as earrings are memorable accents that will bring so much attention to you. Having playful and bold accessories is important for feeling good. That why we make them for you. Boho is fun, and a place to explore everything without limit. Decorating yourself with cute post earrings that hang in unique angles, engraved and smoothed to an artistic finish is most fun! 

Finely crafted eccentric and eclectic Organic Bohemian Style Jewelry. Organic materials transformed into boho-chic jewelry with insightful style details to delight and enchant your senses. Our assortment of bohemian style jewelry, handmade in organic materials. Western Bohemian jewelry is handmade, fair trade, and well, good looking, like you.

Boho Style

We have been designing and making jewelry, living the Bohemian lifestyle, and supporting traditional culture and arts since 1994. Our goods are more than jewelry, its a way of life.

Ethnic Jewelry : style and lush depth of life: Discover a world of beautiful handmade jewelry in deep shades of nature:exotic hues of organic materials as you explore our ethnic collection of earrings and jewelry, from carving to bead work, handcrafted by artisans from around the world.

  Jewelry is an expression of pride and gratitude for both the self and the world around us. We express our love for both the self and the peoples of the world when we show our beauty and strength through accessories that reflect the ethnicity and tribes of the world, and the people who remember the wisdom that once filled the air through song, dance, music, tribal rites and indigenous wisdom passed through stories and dance from generations past. Express the joy of diversity through this collection of Boho inspired jewelry and earrings.


Have fun in our super fun festival style jewelry and spice up your wardrobe to make everyday better. Keep that beautiful smile framed with some awesome funky jewelry, wood earrings, maybe a beaded bracelet, or gypsy earrings and Jewelry : Exotic wood, silver, amber, bone, horn, beads and other natural materials transformed. Enjoy our selection of Boho jewelry and earrings.


Our Boho Jewelry are natural, unique and handmade by skilled artisans in a large variety of styles, colors and sizes. This jewelry is custom made to order. Prices listed are RETAIL and US $.

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