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Coconut Jewelry

Offering a large range of coconut jewelry, this collection of jewelry made in genuine coconut shell and wood is beautiful in color and style. Our Coconut Jewelry is made with coconut wood and shell in rich natural colors and patterns. The earrings have deep smooth color that coconut wood and thick shining coconut shell are known for.

The smooth finish of our coconut jewelry and careful attention to detail make every piece of this jewelry unique. Offering handmade earrings that feel and look natural and healthy which are also great for those with sensitive skin is something we enjoy sharing. This jewelry in boho and tribal styles makes great gifts that will be remembered. The smooth style and finish make it something others will admire and you will love to wear. We hope you enjoy the amazing craftsmanship and range of styles, colors and designs: Kona Blue and GARUDA natural jewelry. Our coconut earrings and jewelry are handcrafted by traditional people whose family tradition has been making jewelry and carving, for hundreds of years, from carefully selected coconut wood and shells that are cleaned, dried and carefully treated.

We gather our coconut for our jewelry from family farming in villages, where people use the shell for making a variety of goods. The coconut is responsibly grown, harvested, collected and cleaned. We carefully clean, dry and prepare selected coconut for each piece of handmade jewelry. When the process of creating the finished jewelry is ready to begin, we select each piece for the shape and thickness of the finished jewelry, to be cut, carved, detailed, polished and finished to a fine smooth gloss that accentuates the gorgeous natural depth and color of the coconut shell and wood.

About the Coconut for our Earrings

COMMON NAMES: Coconut Palm
LATIN NAME: Cocos Nucifera
HARVESTING PRACTICE: The coconut shell is left from the harvesting of coconut for food and oil. The wood is plantation grown, home grown, or from wild farms in the village.
OTHER DETAILS: Shell: Recycled. Coconut is a main staple food, and grows in great abundance. In effort to utilize all parts of this plant, the shell is also used to create art, jewelry, and cookware.
Our Source: The Coconut wood and shell we use comes from the people around the villages whom offer it to us after gathering the coconuts for food or whom have cut a tree that has become too tall to harvest the coconuts.

Coconut Jewelry Care:

Your coconut earrings and jewelry can be cleaned with a soft cloth before or after use to keep its shine and smooth finish, and a mild soap if needed then conditioned with a tiny drop of jojoba oil or another organic jewelry oil. This will help to keep the beautiful color and maintain the integrity of the natural jewelry. Oiling may deepen the color slightly, so if you do not want that, try not to oil it. This may also happen over time due to the natural oils of your skin absorbing into the coconut as the jewelry becomes a part of your life. To be sure it lasts, you should take time to clean and care for your jewelry.

The earrings have the deep smooth color of coconut wood and thick, gleaming coconut shell. This jewelry is handcrafted with meticulous skill and has a smooth finish, making each piece one-of-a-kind. We appreciate being able to offer handmade earrings that feel and look natural and healthy, as well as being suitable for those with sensitive skin. This tribal and boho jewelry makes wonderful gifts that will be remembered. Others will be impressed by the sleek design and finish, and you will enjoy wearing it. We hope you enjoy the amazing craftsmanship as well as the wide range of styles, colors, and designs available in our natural jewelry. Our coconut earrings and jewelry are handcrafted by traditional people whose family tradition of producing jewelry and carving from carefully selected coconut wood and shells dates back hundreds of years.

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Our Coconut Jewelry are natural, unique and handmade by skilled artisans in a large variety of styles, colors and sizes. This jewelry is custom made to order. Prices listed are RETAIL and US $.

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