Carved Jewelry and Earrings

We offer over 500 styles of carved jewelry handmade by skilled carvers in natural & organic materials including wood, horn and bone. Our Bone or wood carved jewelry pieces make excellent gifts. We offer bone carved pendants, necklaces; for men, women, boys and girls, in styles from spirals, flowers, turtles, Hawaiian, Maori and tribal that are our own unique creations, made by our master designer with refined skills in sculpture, jewelry and design.

Custom Carved Jewelry

We can make any item in our shop, custom carved for you. Just send us a request in the chat box with a link to the item. Our carved jewelry brings the essence of life everywhere you go. Natural and handmade of wood, horn and bone made into earrings and jewelry, these hand carved pieces are designed for a lifetime of wear. A stunning collection of handmade jewelry created from artisan natural and organic materials such as buffalo bone, wood, and horn by traditional craftsmen in our Oceanic Archipelligos. Our carved jewelry is handmade in natural and organic materials which are ecologically sourced. Our carvers have learned their traditional craft from a lineage of ancestral carvers whose skill has been being passed from parent to child for centuries.

Hand Cut Jewelry and Carved Earrings

Skilled artists craft our carved earrings from wood, bone, horn, and other natural materials into classic and striking natural jewelry. Our wood carved pendants and bone carved necklaces are some of the most amazing, far more beautiful and magnificent tan the photos show. With so many items, its hard to keep up with our creative teams ideas! Carving jewelry is one of the world's oldest and most refined forms of art. We are proud to offer this one-of-a-kind collection of style, spiral, nature-inspired, hanging, and drop earrings with an ethnic tribal feel. Carved earrings and jewelry like this is becoming increasingly rare as the modern economic system pushes our world toward globalization, as people forget their culture and arts, and skill becomes difficult to find. As a result, it is becoming increasingly important to protect and support traditional craftspeople and their cultures.

Carved jewelry in exotic natural materials: Organic, handcrafted, and natural jewelry: Our wooden earrings are handcrafted by traditional artisans in select wood, displaying the rich colors of natural jewelry.

The feeling of wearing handmade and carved jewelry gives an exuberant brilliance to the way we are perceived and filled our experiences with depth that radiates into the soul of life and beauty. The careful attention to detail and fine craftsmanship exude a lush need for jewelry carved in natural materials to last and be cherished. There is a natural energy to these handmade carved pieces of unique jewelry that brings stability, calm, and joy. As the perfect accessories for life head your way, enjoy wearing this finely finished and high quality carved natural jewelry. It is the perfect way to complete your soulful expressions without saying a word. Explore our collections of carved bone jewelry if you are looking for white jewelry that has a bold look and timeless feel. For a deep black jewelry accessory with a thick smooth shine, browse our black jewelry collection of fine tribal and spiral styles as well as classic and modern styles made in horn and wood. The selection of wooden jewelry and earrings we offer is most stunning, in a range of colors and wood carefully chosen to accent the fine carving work and look fantastic on while giving you a great look and feeling, and getting you tons of complements The wood earrings are the greatest!

..spoil yourself, and feel good about it: Our carved natural jewelry is fair trade, handmade by traditional tribal artists. when you buy GARUDA & KONA BLUE jewelry, you are supporting life!

* by purchasing our carved natural jewelry you are supporting traditional cultures, their arts, and way of living.

...enjoy your exotic nature.

Our Carved Jewelry and Earrings are natural, unique and handmade by skilled artisans in a large variety of styles, colors and sizes. This jewelry is custom made to order. Prices listed are RETAIL and US $.

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