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Bone Body Jewelry | White gauges

Our collection of Bone Body Jewelry and white gauged earrings comes in over 200 different sizes and materials. Tribal piercing jewelry and bone gauges carved by skilled artists from organic jewelry materials. Natural, hand-carved, and one-of-a-kind. Shop our collection of white body jewelry and gauges for stretched piercings, custom made in genuine, durable natural white solid bone. Available in sizes 12 gauge, 10 gauge, 8 gauge, 6 gauge, 4 gauge and 2 gauge.

The art of creating bone piercing jewelry is a rare skill, and takes far more patience and skill than most people can imagine. Each pair is carefully made, individually, to be as close to and exact size and match as possible with very carefully selected materials that are strong, smooth and properly shaped, in order to be capable of making a nearly perfect creation by hand that you are blessed to wear in your stretched piercing as a very personal jewelry piece to be loved and adored, just like you...

Bone Gauges

Our carved bone gauges are available in sizes 00g, 0g, 2g, 4g, 6g, 8g, 10 gauge, and 12 gauge are offered in this assortment of tribal-inspired white body jewelry. We have a great selection of white spiral gauges, hanging gauges, and white hoop gauges. Since 2001, when we initially received our piercings and extended our lobes, we've been working on our bone piercing jewelry line.

Use the navigation drop down option at the top left to browse our whole assortment of organic jewelry or body jewelry. Natural body jewelry made of organic materials is available in a variety of styles. Spiral body jewelry comes in a variety of shapes, from a basic spiral to a number of intertwined spirals and whirling loops dangling into plant-like structures, and we evolve alongside it. Maori spirals, Borneo inspired jewelry, baroque, flowery, and vining tribal carved bone jewelry for your wonderful extended lobes are just a few of the styles available in gauge sizes. Using bone is a time-honored tradition for healthy piercing jewelry, but special knowledge is required to know what is safe for your skin and which should not be used. Do not attempt to make your own out of any type of bone unless you know for certain if the bone has been treated with anything or if it has been proven safe. Enjoy our handcrafted body jewelry in a basic range of standard piercing sizes, made with safe materials and high quality skill.

White Body Jewelry

Thousands of years ago, stretching and piercing our ears with bone white body jewelry was a ritual form of decoration. The color white has been long associated with purification and purging, likely relative to the color of the bone and the cycles of existence. Every location on our planet that practices or has practiced this tradition has its own set of symbols and ceremonies that have accompanied the sense of self-expression, stages of life and accomplishments, as well as prestige, which is communicated through the language of piercing and bespoke gauges. Although not every piercing or style of traditional body jewelry has a symbolic meaning, most of us remember when and why we chose to adorn ourselves with modified piercings and bone body jewelry. Sometimes it is a stage of self-development, sometimes it is a symbol of togetherness and trust that records life and friendship memories, and sometimes we just want to look good. Because many of us do not want to take the time to maintain a gauged piercing, we also offer a selection of fake gauges and faux gauge earrings made of wood and other organic materials, as well as Wooden Tribal Earrings for regular pierced ears.

Since 2001 we collaborated with artists in isolated and difficult-to-find traditional villages to handcraft the finest genuine tribal piercing jewelry in small batches. The exotic materials we utilize to make these handcrafted items include a variety of tropical woods that have recently been overused by a boom in industry manufacturers who practice business without regard for our planet's and people's long-term requirements. We're making another effort to locate an undisturbed location rich in culture and fine materials in order to expand our fantastic selection of piercing jewelry, and we welcome your suggestions and requests for specific types of culturally significant and unique jewelry for stretched lobes and piercings.

Bone Body Jewelry by Organic Earrings and Kona Blue - Bone Jewelry - Bone Gauged Earrings -  Bone Tribal Earrings - Gauged Jewelry - Organic jewelry. Water buffalo bone carved by traditional families whom have been carving bone for centuries.  Our body jewelry is organic, hand carved and natural.

Our Bone Body Jewelry | White gauges are natural, unique and handmade by skilled artisans in a large variety of styles, colors and sizes. This jewelry is custom made to order. Prices listed are RETAIL and US $. Natural, Handmade Bone Body Jewelry | White gauges and Gauge Earrings are custom made.

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