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Body Jewelry

High quality custom made body jewelry created in wood, bone or horn, available in size 00g, 0g, 2g, 4g, 6g, 8g, 10g, and 12g.Enjoy our selection of handmade organic body jewelry in natural materials and tribal motifs. There are over 100 styles and sizes of custom piercing jewelry to choose from.

Our organic Piercing Jewelry is custom made by hand from wood, bone, horn, and other natural materials. These earrings are designed for stretched ear lobes and come in sizes ranging from 12 gauge to 00 gauge. Custom made by Kona Blue and GARUDA Natural Jewelry. To bring these to you, our organic body jewelry, and gauged earrings are hand carved with precision by artists in exotic wood, bone and horn; organic and natural materials. CHECK OUT THE SIZE CHART AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

Custom Body Jewelry

The stretching of the ear lobes and body piercing is a body art form to be completed with stunning and unique body jewelry. We have been mastering this art with hand carved piercing jewelry since 2001, collaborating with master carvers on our island home. Our piercing jewelry supports nature and culture. We work with tribal artists in exotic lands  and our island to procure our creations. The adornment of the self has been a sacred form of self expression for longer than history can remember. The ritual beautification is an expression of experiences and memories, filled with symbols and shapes that reflect the world around and inside us, and our gains of wisdom, successes and failures that have made us stronger and more valuable. The changing nature of our strength and being is accentuated with tribal self expression, using our ability to showcase our senses and power through tribal body jewelry as a crown of the self, stating our changing moods and desires.

Can I find this at body jewelry stores near me?

The best place to buy body jewelry is here on our website. We custom create each order especially for you, with painstaking stages that take between 1 to 2 weeks to complete for a perfect matching piercings set in smooth fine finish. You can custom order high quality body jewelry online from us today, made with fine detail in ornate hanging gauge styles, of 100% natural and hypoallergenic materials. For those with sensitivities, we recommend bone or horn as your first choice, and suggest you clean your piercing daily and wipe your jewelry. We do not distribute our jewelry in shops, but carve each piece with a personal touch to order.

Body Jewelry care:

- Clean with a mild soap and water on a regular basis, as needed.

- completely dry.  Use jojoba oil or another natural oil to delicately condition your jewelry.

- Do not soak, boil, or autoclave in any way.

- Keep in a cool, dry location (such as your dresser top or jewelry box.)

- Do not leave your automobile, a sunny window, or any other hot or sunny location for a lengthy period of time.

Piercing Jewelry

Body piercing is an ancient tradition used by cultural groups all over the world to describe the journey of the self as we evolve as humans, as well as to mark achievement, rights of passage, and status. The wide variety of styles and types of piercing jewelry found in our world is similar to a museum of cultural expression in a realm of one hundred million ways of being.
Handcrafted piercing jewelry in high-quality natural and organic materials. For over a decade, we've been designing bodymod jewelry for your piercings alongside indigenous artists in far away locales. We start with careful material selection and hand-carve each piece of gauged jewelry one at a time, honing the size and quality for a precise gauge earring fit. You'll appreciate wearing this organic jewelry because of the smooth finish and meticulous attention to detail. GARUDA organic piercing jewelry is the greatest because of its superb craftsmanship and wide selection of styles, natural materials, gauge sizes, and designs. Our jewelry is hand-carved by indigenous artists with hundreds of years of experience sculpting organic jewelry and art. Fair-trade.


Our delicately carved Organic Jewelry, Organic Gauges, and Bone Body Jewelry are designed to be worn in well-healed stretched or gauged piercings.

Our tribal body jewelry is hand carved in wood, bone and horn. Organic Jewelry sizes 00, 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and basic tunnel plugs. Bone : Horn : Wood : black : white : organic : tribal : faux : carved
Tribal Body Jewelry:


Because they wear thick or weighty jewelry, some people's ear piercings extend naturally over time. You can use the following size chart to discover what size gauged jewelry will fit for you, whether your ear lobes are stretched naturally, professionally, or by yourself.

00g, 0g, 2g, 4g, 6g, 8g, 10g, 12g gauges and reversible size stretchers are available.

Finding the largest size jewelry or organic gauged earring that will fit in your ear piercing is the first step.
Take a measurement with a caliper or other device and compare it to the numerical values on this chart. We do not advocate holding the jewelry up to the photograph for reference because all computer displays are different sizes, and it will most likely be wrong.

Body Jewelry Size Chart

Natural Body Jewelry

EXTRAORDINARY, NATURAL AND ORGANIC: GARUDA Organic Body Jewelry is fair trade, handmade, and crafted by skilled artists. Our earrings for stretched lobes and piercing jewelry include wooden earrings, tribal earrings, carved jewelry, bone earrings, and bone jewelry. We also provide a collection of fake gauges and tribal earrings for regular size piercings.

Our carved body jewelry, wood jewelry, and bone jewelry, as well as our fair-trade ideals, are excellent. Here's where we do our work and how we go about it:

Be Happy! By purchasing our tribal piercing jewelry and carved body jewelry, you are supporting artistry and the families who make it possible. Our Organic Jewelry is all hand carved one at a time. We strive to provide high-quality, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted Earth-friendly products that satisfy the soul and go beyond... Your purchase supports local traditions and families while also providing you with the option of purchasing environmentally responsible gauges and body jewelry. Our wooden gauged earrings are handcrafted from tropical wood by local artisans. Our materials are responsibly harvested, and we support their skill and traditions while improving their lives and creating jobs where none would otherwise exist. To develop our innovative designs in body jewelry and all of our piercing jewelry, we work directly with our craftspeople.  We are confident in the quality of our product and its beauty. We will do all it takes to make things right for you.

...enjoy your exotic nature...
Piercing Jewelry that supports nature and culture. Improving life : GARUDA Kona Blue Jewelry: Organic Body Jewelry and gauge earrings : carved from natural and organic materials.

Our Body Jewelry promotes both nature and culture. To obtain our creations, we collaborate with island artists from far lands. For as long as history can remember, self-adornment has been a sacred form of self-expression. The ritual beautification is an expression of experiences and memories, filled with symbols and shapes that reflect the world around and within us, as well as our wisdom gains, successes, and failures that have made us stronger and more valuable. The changing nature of our strength and being is emphasized by tribal self expression, which uses our ability to highlight our sensory perception and strength through jewelry as a crown of the self, voicing our changing senses and aspirations.

The vast array of piercing jewelry styles and types available in our world is akin to a museum of personal diversity in a sphere of one hundred million ways of being.

Wood, bone, and horn are used to sculpt our body jewelry in the following sizes: 00g, 0g, 2g, 4g, 6g, 8g, 10g, 12g in black, white, organic, tribal, faux, natural.

Organic : Exotic : Tribal
Hand-carved, natural.

Our Body Jewelry are natural, unique and handmade by skilled artisans in a large variety of styles, colors and sizes. This jewelry is custom made to order. Prices listed are RETAIL and US $. Natural, Handmade Body Jewelry and Gauge Earrings are custom made.

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