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Black Jewelry

Over 100 styles of black jewelry are available in this bold and simple natural jewelry assortment, ranging from basic, distinctive, and traditional to tribal. Unique black jewelry in carved styles such as boho, tribal, spiral, and floral motifs, made from natural materials such as exotic wood and buffalo horn.

Beautiful black earrings and jewelry in unique styles both classic and casual, from modern, boho, tribal, spiral and floral, made natural materials including exotic black wood such as ebony and buffalo horn, hand created in a range of organic designs.

Our black earrings and jewelry are handmade, when you buy it you are supporting life, art and the beautiful diversity of culture around the world. We love the smooth sheen of buffalo horn, with is slight translucence. This material has a soft silky sheen and resembles black jade. We also have a large selections of black jewelry in rare and exotic tropical wood, carved and engraved into dimensional and unique styles of jewelry and earrings that please the eye and make a great finishing tough to a memorable outfit.

This bold and basic collection of black jewelry has over 100 styles to choose from, from basic, unique or classic to tribal.

Crafted of buffalo horn, black wood and other natural materials, our bold earrings speak for you. Our Natural black jewelry has style in touch with the ancient and the future. Having a perfect collection of accessories to accent your attire is important for having a look that keeps you feeling confident and smart. We created and curated this black collection of earrings in natural wood or horn from start. Each style is our own creation, made just for you.

When you buy our black jewelry, you are supporting life, art, and the magnificent diversity of culture all over the world. We adore the gleaming shine and subtle translucence of buffalo horn. This material has a soft, silky sheen and a dark, jade-like appearance. We also have a large selection of black earrings made from rare and exotic tropical woods that have been carved and engraved into dimensional and unique jewelry and earrings that are pleasing to the eye and add a special touch to a memorable outfit.

Our striking earrings are made of buffalo horn, organic wood, and other natural materials. Natural black jewelry has a style that is both antique and futuristic. Having a well-curated collection of accessories that complement your outfit is essential for maintaining a confident and sophisticated appearance. From the beginning, we designed and curated this black collection of earrings in natural wood or horn. Each style is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece made especially for you.

Our Black Jewelry are natural, unique and handmade by skilled artisans in a large variety of styles, colors and sizes. This jewelry is custom made to order. Prices listed are RETAIL and US $.

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