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Black Earrings

Our outstanding selection of black earrings is crafted with skill in authentic solid materials, created with skill by artisans. This unique range of earrings are our original styles, made to be as unique and diverse as we are.

Black is a classic pairing for any look, and these black earrings will turn any outfit into an expressive masterpiece for work or play. Select genuine naturally black wood from far away and unreachable places, combines with sterling silver or glossy black natural horn make for an exotic an playful look. The finely cut and carved solid and rare earrings are carved out of a matrix of perfect natural wood or horn that has a sheen and glow which accents the fine work of the finished earrings.

Natural Black Earrings

These natural black earrings are outstandingly and stunningly memorable, leaving a ubiquitous impression of a beautiful look. The post fittings in our solid carve earrings is made with natural black horn and contains no metal, perfect for people with metal sensitivities who want an inexpensive set of black earrings. This 100% metal free earring design is edgy and can be made elegant or playful, depending on the style you choose.

Black Gauge Earrings

For stretched lobes and large piercings we offer a choice of gauges or plug type earrings made in a range of styles and sizes including 00g, 0g, 2g, 4g, 6g, 8g, 10g, and 12g created from natural black horn, which is increasing rare and difficult to find. Our assortment of styles includes spirals, square spirals, hanging gauges, ornate carved drop styles and a breath-taking range of womens gauge earrings in swirling and flower designs. 

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Our Black Earrings are natural, unique and handmade by skilled artisans in a large variety of styles, colors and sizes. This jewelry is custom made to order. Our Earrings are sold as pairs. All carved post earrings for regular pierced ears come with an extra set of posts! Prices listed are RETAIL and US $. These Wood, bone or horn earrings for regular pierced ears are handmade in genuine materials.

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